Saturday, July 12, 2008

Helping my Rachel Out

Rachel my daughter has been living in Kuala Lumpar with her family since October 2007. Rachel and her husband Lyndon have 2 great children (grandma speaking of course - I have to be biased). For the last seven weeks Rachel has been taking part in a scrapping competition by Scrap-n-Crop’s Project Scrap Away. Each week someone is eliminated. Rachel has created some beautiful layouts during the last seven weeks. Rachel is the only kiwi in this international competition. So why does she need your help? She has the opportunity to blog her way to immunity and this is how you can help.

  1. Leave a comment on Rachel’s blog and you earn her a point.
  2. If you mention her name and Project Scrap Away (PSA) on your blog she gets an extra point.
  3. Then go to PSA blog and leave a comment on this post here and type Rachel’s friend with a link to your blog.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Invercargills oldest resident

I'd like to introduce you to Henry! He's a very popular fellow, gets hundreds of visitors, has several girlfriends and now much to everyones delight He's producing lots of babies.
At present in the small display case there are 11 little fellows, very active dont know how old they are before they take life seriously and slow down. I have stood and watched Henry or one of the other older ones for 10 minutes and not seen even an eyelid move!
The Tuatara's natural habitat is Stephens Island in the Marlborough Sounds we are very lucky to have so many here at our local museum carefully looked after by an expert.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Another fun thing we did over the weekend, have you ever grown your own Dinasour?
We did.. we had an egg which we placed in a jar of warm water then waited! that was hard, we put it up on a shelf so they could still keep a close eye on it without having to have a touching look every time! It took about 12 hours for the egg to begin to crack open so was great excitement in the morning to find his head poking out!!

By the time we were to take them home on Monday afternoon he was big enough to stay out of the water.. Taylor was hoping he would have sticky up bits on his back like Henry at the museum but sorry he didn't.

Mothers Day

A lovely bunch of flowers from the girls and their families. thankyou very much.

And it was a Grandmas day too as we had Taylor and Mitchell in to stay for the weekend!.

They enjoyed helping to make a cake for their Mum for Mothers day, especially the icing and decorations! and licking the bowls!!..

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

autumn colours

Anzac weekend

Thursday afternoon 4 of us left Invercargill in the rain for elsewhere! according to the papers the weather forecast its always fine elsewhere! so we went to find it!

On the trailer we had our two quad bikes, stayed Thursday night at the "Roxbourgh Lodge", this used to be the quarters for the staff working on the Roxborough Dam, now converted to a very nice lodge, very nice ensuite rooms and we can recommend the restaurant facillities also.
Friday we headed for Arrowtown, hadnt realised it was festival week so lots of people about.
We parked down by the river and unloaded the bikes and headed into Macetown, Rozy and Ro had not been biking with us before so they were enjoying it all. The river was very low so not many excitingly deep river crossings, didnt even get our feet wet. enjoyed a leisurely lunch among the autumn leaves. The colours were magnificant. It is about 4 years since we have been in to Macetown, nice to see more signage up about the history of the place, but sad also to see that two of the old houses have been burnt down by careless tourists.

We came back to Arrowtown and stayed the night with friends there, Ro and I enjoyed an hours walk along the new walking track which goes right round Lake Hayes. nice to have a spa under the starry sky later in the evening. Saturday we went into Arrowtown to go to the market, ended up staying till after 2 to watch the parade which was excellent. and yes Arrowtown must be elsewhere because the weather was brilliant, blue sky, sunshine and bright autumn colours just magic! Roll on another long weekend!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

NZ dare no.43

Dare no.43

Its taken me a while to get brave enough to have at a go at this one, hard to choose what photos to use. As you can see I have a thing about old things! so I have plenty of photos of old house's and machinery etc that we see as we travel, so if you see someone leaning over a fence on the roadside snapping photos of such like its probably me!! Among my "to do in retirement list" is an album of these photos, got to get past the grandkids first though!.